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The following information will h

The following information will help potential students to get detail information of offered accommodation. By provided following information will increase suitable students to your accommodation. 

Accommodation details (rooms, prices, location etc.)
Where is your accommodation located?  
In which currency will the student need to pay?*
Which measurement system do you use?*
Distance to the city center* miles
Distance to  public transport* yd
Can you offer a private room to your guest?*
How many rooms do you want to rent?*
Room Type Size
(ca. in sq ft)
(Multiple options with Ctr)
Bathroom   Price (per person / per week)



Offered services (board, cleaning, language instruction etc.)
Services   Price, Currency
Which meal options do you offer?      
(inclusive or at an additional charge)*    
Do you provide internet access for the guest?* £ per hour
Do you provide transfer from/to bus/railway terminal or airport on the days of arrival and departure?* £ one way
Do you provide room cleaning?* £ per day
Do you provide laundry service?* £ per machine load
Do you provide qualified language lessons at your home?*    
Which language will be taught?*  
Who will be the teacher?*  
One hour of individual language instruction costs*   £

Household details (Persons, pets, max./min. length of stay etc.)

How many adults live in your household?*
How many children live in your household?*
Do you or other members of your household smoke?*
Where is your guest allowed to smoke at your accommodation?*
Which pets live in your household?
(Multiple options with Ctrl)

Information about the persons
  Yourself additional person 1
First name*
Time at home during daytime*
Language skills*
(Multiple options with Ctr)
(Multiple options with Ctr)


Profile photo upload

Pictures significantly increase the chance of finding a guest.If you can, please upload a picture of the outside of the premises or of the accommodation.


Please upload one picture per room. This is your chance to create an attractive profile for your homestay accommodation offer!

Room 1


Here you can upload a picture of the persons living in your household. A great photograph will attract the attention and persuade potential guests.


Personal Data

Your personal data are not visible to other users of this website. We will not give your personal data to third parties without your consent.

In your public profile we will display the city and the town where your accommodation is located. If we display your accommodation in electronic maps (e.g. Google maps), we shall use your postal code. This ensures that other users of get an idea where your accommodation is located without being able to identify your address details.

First name*
Last (family) name*
Postal code*
Street name, and number*
E-mail address*

I have read and accept the terms of use.


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